CAP V4 Dune Dashboard Contest

Unleash Your Inner Data Wizard: Build a Dashboard and Win Big

3 min readJan 17, 2023

Attention all community members and Dune fans:

We’re calling on the best and brightest SQL minds in our community to create the perfect Dune analytics dashboard for the upcoming CAP V4! It’ll help the entire community gain valuable insights into the real-time performance of DeFi’s most advanced derivatives exchange.

The best submissions will be rewarded with cash prizes and a link to their dashboard from the CAP V4 website. Read on to learn more.

The Prizes

A total of $5,000 in USDC will be awarded to the winning contestants, allocated as follows:

  • 1st Place: $2,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,500
  • 3rd Place: $1,000

Stats to Include

While you can include any stat or visualization you deem worthy (highly encouraged!), qualifying dashboards must at least include:


  • total, daily, weekly, monthly
  • bar chart over time, with stacking per chain
  • pie chart for top markets like BTC/USD, ETH/USD, etc.


  • total, daily, weekly, monthly
  • bar chart over time, with stacking per market / per chain

Unique Users

  • total, daily, weekly, monthly
  • bar chart over time, with stacking per chain

Open Interest

  • total long and short, in USD and per asset
  • bar chart over time

Funding Rate

  • current funding rate for top markets
  • funding rate evolution over time for top markets


  • total AUM, per asset AUM
  • daily, weekly, monthly AUM change value and %
  • bar chart of AUM over time, with stacking per asset / per chain

CAP Token

  • total holders and stakers
  • price, market cap, and evolution over time
  • staking rewards total and over time

(While V4 is currently only on Arbitrum, the dashboard must support the ability to show more chains, through chart bar stacking for example.)

V4 Code and Contracts

CAP V4 is currently deployed on Arbitrum. The code is on Github. The deployed contract addresses can be found here.


For help in understanding how the contracts work and funds flow, contact one of our devs on Discord. If you’d like to participate in the contest and don’t have access to the V4 UI, our devs will send you an invite.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on their:

  • Accuracy: Making sure data is complete and truthful.
  • Readability: Making sure the dashboard is easily readable and well documented.
  • Quality: Making sure SQL queries are efficient and optimized.

Submissions and Deadline

To participate in the contest and submit your dashboard, send a message on the CAP Discord. One of our devs will pick it up and DM you.

Your dashboard must be ready on or before February 3, 2023 to qualify!

We know there are a lot of talented individuals in the community and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. This contest will give CAP community members an opportunity to showcase their skills and be recognized for their contributions.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and announcing the winners. Good luck to all participants!

— CAP Labs Team